All About Me

White Wind River Healings 


​I was born in the prairies of Northern Alberta Canada and spent a lot of my time in the country growing up.

​My great grandmother and other ancestors were residential school survivors. I was the first born grandchild of 40+ grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is said my great great grandmother was a medicine woman and a herbalist.

 Sadly intergenerational trauma, addictions and various from's of abuse had run rapid through my family tree.

​As a young person raised in a remote area, I was on the receiving end of various forms of abuse growing up which controlled most of my youth and young adult life. I share this from a place of having spent countless hours, days, months and years pursuing my own healing. Which in turn ables me to bring a plethora of personal experience to the table and various perspectives.

​In 1999 I began practicing Yoga and endeavouring into becoming a Yoga Instructor. By 2012 I had completed a 500 Hour & 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification as well as various workshops in Bodywork, Breath Work, Massage & Reiki. 

I went to school for Counselling in 2007 and obtained my Life Coaching Diploma through Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver British Columbia. It's there I really dove deep into studying Addictions and Recovery, Youth Counselling, Couples Counselling, Sexual Abuse & Trauma, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical Wellness in a comprehensive 1 year program.

I had the pleasure of seeing the Dali Lama around that time, speaking on nurturing compassion.

​Before landing in Victoria British Columbia, I worked for the City Of Grande Prairie Alberta as a Yoga Instructor for 3 years, moving onto spend some time in California where I had an energy exchange with the Medium James Van Praagh, John Holland and completed a Tarot Card Certification with Doreen Virtue. Went surfing for the first time in Huntington Beach CA too!!

​My passions and hobbies are rooted in music, spirituality, singing, writing, dancing, culture, fashion and wellness. In 2017 I pursued my hobby of Beauty & Fashion, by graduating from Academy of Excellence Hairstylist Diploma Program.

​In 2019 I participated in a comprehensive 3 month Trauma Program on Reserve land, where I was gifted the name, White Wind River Medicine Woman in a Traditional Lakota Yuwipi healing ceremony. It really took my healing to the next level and really brought all my gifts together to be able to offer the healing sessions I do.

​I am so honoured for my life and grateful for all my healing. I love helping others who have a burning desire to help themselves and I am passionate about my healing sessions!!

Now that you know a bit about me. I really do look forward to helping you along in your Wellness Journey.


♡ Ariya